Conklingville Dam Headwater Beneficiaries Draft Study Released - March 17, 2012

A draft of the long awaited Oak Ridge National Laboratory beneficiaries study for the Conklingville Dam has been posted on the HRBRRD's website. The report entitled "Draft Report Headwater Benefits Determination Hudson River Basin" presents the findings of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with respect to the benefit of stream flow regulation (i.e., the Sacandaga River) at downstream power producing facilities. The Sacandaga Protection Committee has been anxiously awaiting the results of this study to determine whether it could impact fees paid by Permit Holders around the lake. Based on the draft report, it does not appear that the Permit Holders will be directly impacted by this study; the recommendations only address the division of costs for the interest, maintenance and depreciation for the District.

However, it does not address the monetary shortfall created by the power companies no longer being responsible for the other significant costs of the operation of the reservoir, including the payment of property taxes on the land under the lake.

The majority of these costs have been assigned to five downstream counties that benefit from flood control. To date, the downstream counties have refused to pay these assessments, and the issue is under appeal in the New York State court system. The SPC considers the apportionment study and cost assessments serious issues and will continue to monitor all of these and other issues as to the effect on the permit holders and our community. We will continue our discussions with our Federal and local elected officials, schools districts and the HRBRRD while working towards a long term solution for funding the HRBRRD.