HRBRRD Funding Issue Update - March 7, 2011

The Sacandaga Protection Committee has engaged the services of a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. to represent the Sacandaga Lake Community interests regarding the revenue issues that have prevented the Hudson River Black River Regulating District from paying their property taxes. 

The SPC believes that the Federal Power Act is the reason that the District’s funding decreased.  We are focused on working with our local Congressmen to change that legislation. The proposed change will be a significant benefit to all tax payers in the Sacandaga region.  The Regulating District’s lack of funding has caused incredible hardship on the school districts, towns and villages surrounding the Great Sacandaga Lake. 

Since the Lake was formed, the reservoir operations and property taxes were funded by the Power Companies and municipalities, known as the “downstream beneficiaries”.  New York State Law required these entities to pay the property and school taxes on the lands taken to build the dams and flooded areas.  

The SPC has met with Congressmen Gibson, Tonko and Owens to explain the issues and discuss potential solutions.  We have reached out to Fulton, Saratoga, Warren, Washington, Rensselaer and Albany counties to ask for their support in restoring the original sources of funding.  The Great Sacandaga Lake is the only reservoir in the country affected by the Federal Power Act’s rules that prohibit assessing power producers the cost of property taxes. The SPC proposal is seeking specific legislation to restore the lost funding.  Our proposal does not cost the Federal, State, County, Local Governments or taxpayers anything and it would restore funding to the Regulating District.  The proposed legislation would be a significant benefit to our Counties, Towns, Villages, and School Districts who are either being charged to make up lost funds or not receiving their tax revenue.

Please help the SPC continue to represent the Great Sacandaga Lake community.  The SPC cannot continue its work without your continued support through your donations.

We've updated our page on the Hudson River Black River Regulating District's funding issues to include links to recent news paper articles.