Recent News Regarding Exclusive Use - October 25, 2010

The issue of Exclusive Use is the number one priority of the SPC.  We are working with the Governor’s office and the NYS Senate and Assembly to bring a legislative solution to this matter.  Our lawyers and lobbyists are ready to continue negotiations with the new Governor and DEC Commissioner. 

A dispute involving Exclusive Use of Beach Permit has recently drawn attention in the Broadalbin area.  It is our understanding that this is a long standing dispute between several neighbors, all of them permit holders. 

While a recent article in the Gazette (Ruling a threat to beach permits – October 22, 2010) suggests that the Department of Environmental Conservation has taken a new stand on the Exclusive Use issue, this is not the case.  The Amsterdam Recorder article ( Residents seek clarity on 'exclusive use' - October 25, 2010) explains the confusion between state agencies regarding exclusive use.

This is the concept that the DEC was in favor of during the proposed permit system rule changes of 2009; however, these rule changes were not enacted and the HRBRRD has not proposed any further changes to their policies governing the Buffer Strip.  In fact, the HRBRRD definitively reaffirmed their position on Exclusive Use this past May by reinstating the Exclusive Use language on permit signs and yearly permit renewals. 

While we are pleased that our efforts to have the HRBRRD reaffirm their Exclusive Use policy were successful, the Sacandaga Protection Committee is actively seeking a permanent solution that will put to rest the question over who controls and enforces the policies governing the Permit Holders use of the Buffer Strip.