Adirondack Council - State of the Park Report 2009

The Sacandaga Lake Forest Preserve issue is on the radar of the Adirondack Council (an Adirondack Park environmental group).  The following excerpts are from the Adirondack Council's "State of the Park 2009"

Fair Warning: This spring, the DEC advised the Hudson River/Black River Regulating District that it must recognize the status of the lands immediately surrounding the Great Sacandaga Lake as constitutionally protected Forest Preserve. The DEC told the District to stop treating the lands as though they were the private holdings of the upland owners. The comments came as part of the DEC’s review of the District’s revised rules and regulations for upland owners who hold permits for shoreline access. The District dropped its multi-year attempt to revise its rules, blaming DEC for changing the status of the lands, which created strong opposition from private property owners.

The Problem: The Hudson River/Black River Regulating District so badly botched its multi-year effort to redraw its rules for shoreline access permits to the Great Sacandaga Lake, the Governor’s office had to call a halt to the process. The district blamed Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officials for interfering when DEC pointed out that the shoreline of the reservoir is Forest Preserve and must be managed as such. The district’s lack of public accountability and ineffective enforcement has resulted in widespread land-use violations on the shore and confusion as to the shoreline’s status.