HRBRRD Cannot Pay Taxes - September 2009

The State Office of the Comptroller sent notice to the Hudson River- Black River Regulating District Friday that it will not authorize a $2.6 million budget transfer necessary to help the district pay its school and county taxes, and affected officials don’t know where they will find the money to make up for the shortfall.

In Fulton County alone, the regulating district owes $936,000 in school taxes: $256,000 to the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District, $326,000 to the Northville Central School District and $354,000 to the Mayfield Central School District. On top of that, it will owe over $625,000 for its county taxes.

BP Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson said the news “doesn’t surprise” him. “I believe [the regulating district has] known all along. But whether the shortfall is on the county or the schools, it’s going to come back and hurt the taxpayers one way or another,” he said. It will be up to the county to make the schools budgets whole, a seemingly impossible task, said Board of Supervisors Chairman John “Jack” Callery Friday.

“Where in the Lord’s name would we find that money?” he asked, noting the county budget already had a $7 million shortfall that was lessened by a $4 million application of fund balance — a million dollars more than usually applied.

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