Edinburg Newsletter - November 2009

Despite the fact that the summer has come and gone, the threat to our way of life, unfortunately, has not. 

The Sacandaga Protection Committee (SPC) was formed earlier this year to monitor the rights of the lake community, both residents around the lake and taxpayers throughout the three counties that surround the lake, with the main purpose to provide legal representation for the lake community.

Much has happened recently that will affect life for everyone involved with the lake.

In September the Hudson River-Black River Regulating District (HRBRRD) announced that it is almost bankrupt, operating in a deficit mode, and searching for a solution to its financial problems. Back in November of 2008 a federal court ruled that federal law prohibited the HRBRRD from assessing the power plant electricity producers for the property taxes the HRBRRD pays to the local school districts, towns, villages and counties. In October this year the District announced they would have to defer paying their school taxes that were due in September. This $2.6 million shortfall is impacting our schools and local governments who will have to borrow the money until a source of funds is made available to the HRBRRD. Depending on the solution, local residents may be impacted through increased property taxes. In addition to the property tax shortfall, approximately $1.5 million in other operating expenses of the HRBRRD will no longer be paid by the power producers.