Donate to the SPC

The accomplishments of our attorneys and the government affairs consultants to date are noteworthy. Without these accomplishments the way of life around the lake would already have changed for the worse and property values would have decreased considerably.

The donations already received have made a difference. We have used the money to pay our legal & lobbying expenses, form a not for profit corporation, communications (mailings and postage), and our accountant’s review of our finances. The SPC board members are all permit holders and are 100% volunteers. We do not have a paid staff, and we all pay our own expenses.

The legal issues are complex and are very time consuming. Our attorneys are top flight, and while we have negotiated an excellent rate, our legal fees are substantial. We are requesting a donation of $200 (or more if you can), which pays for approximately one hour of legal fees. We need additional funds as soon as possible to continue the effort of returning the lake situation to a stable environment that existed before the issues we are attempting to solve surfaced. We expect once we obtain a sound long term solution our need for funds will decrease. We really need your help; we need everyone to get involved.

Contributions can be mailed to: Sacandaga Protection Committee, P.O. Box 86, Mayfield, NY 12117

Click Here for a contribution form that you can download and print.

For your convenience we are also accepting donations through PayPal here. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate online; simply select "Don't have a PayPal Account" on following page and you will be able to enter your credit card information.