Mike Clark resigns as Executive Director of the HRBRRD - December 9, 2015

As of Friday December 4th Richard Ferrara is serving as the Acting Executive Director of the HRBRRD. Mr. Ferrara has been the Chief Fiscal Officer and Treasurer of the HRBRRD since April 2005. The appointment of Mr. Ferrara as the Acting Executive Director comes as a result of Mike Clark resigning from the position.

At the December meeting of the HRBRRD Board, the Board Chairman read the recently received resignation letter from Mike Clark as Executive Director of the HRBRRD. David Smail, Co-chair of the Property Owners Association of Day, recently summarized Mike Clark's term as Executive Director as follows: "Mike Clark has been the best Executive Director that the Regulating District has had in modern history. Mike has lead the Regulating District through some of the most difficult problems that the district has ever faced including the loss of majority of district's funding from the hydro-projects, which resulted in the need to reduce staff by approximately one-half, and the inability to pay local property taxes. The Regulating District developed new assessments to makeup for the lost income; which led to dozens of law suits from downstream beneficiaries, including downstream counties, and hydro-project owners, Niagara Mohawk, and local school districts. Mike leaves the Regulating District in a much better place. His engineering background helped him manage the Regulating District's complex responsibilities of maintain several dams, reservoirs, and controlling flows on both the Hudson and Black River watersheds.

I have found Mike to be very supportive of the access permit holders and local lake community. He was willing to attend meetings with local groups, including the Property Owners Association of Day and the Great Sacandaga Lake Association annual meetings. He was very knowledgeable and was willing to work with us to attempt to develop solutions that met the needs of all of the interested parties."

The SPC agrees with David Smail's assessment of Mike Clark's term as Executive Director. The SPC recognizes the importance of the Executive Director to the lake community; the SPC will closely monitor these developments and act as necessary to ensure the lake community is represented and protected as searches for a permanent replacement for the Executive Director.